4 Aug 2020

New Cushion Covers Part 2

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 4:29 pm
Yesterday I made 2 cushion covers for the long cushion.
For one I reused the zip of the old cover and I had some fabric in my stash which will go perfectly with the old covers I kept of course. It was nothing wrong with the covers. Just the cushions were cheap.

Today I made the other 4 covers. My back didn't feel too bad sitting at the sewing machine.
And my new ironing board is helping too. It extends much taller so I don't have to hunch over working at it.
For the green ones I didn't pay much attention on the pattern but it worked out perfectly for the square ones. The back and front looks exactly the same.
The one with the parrots I just made sure that at least one side had a perfect image.

So here they all are.


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