28 Sep 2020

WIP Handbag Progress

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 I started a new project, a handbag. I bought the pattern from Makerist.

So far the pattern is very easy to follow. Please remember it's in German.

Anyway, it took me forever to cut all the pieces out. That was day one.

Yesterday, I started to assemble and that's how far I got.

Last Batch of Masks

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 And here are the last few masks I have done for now. I am taking a break from making masks.

I think I made enough for hubby and myself to last for a while. 😄

Oh, I almost forgot. I made a couple for my mum.

These are ours.

19 Sep 2020

The Maskmania Continues

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 This is the first badge of 22 I have finished. As you can see some are made from fabric I recently bought. There are also a few I used up some leftover fabric I had lying around. 

And all 22 finished:

Fabric shopping

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 Because I wanted to make more masks of course I had to go fabric shopping.

Here's the first lot:

Then I bought some more:

And then I bought some more again:


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