19 Oct 2020

Sock yarn shopping

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 You can never have enough sock yarn 😁

Hubby wanted neon green socks. Don't ask.

Sweater for Mum

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 Instead of knitting it at home and have to pay a ludicrous amount of postage to get it to my mum I thought I bring the yarn and knit it while we're staying at my mum.

Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Glitter Shade 236

Pattern: Hayfield Bonus 10023

It's not my favourite yarn to be honest. I kept catching the silver thread. I always do with these kinds of yarn. And it's so annoying.

12 Oct 2020

Quarantine Sweater

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 I finished the sweater for hubby within the 10 days of quarantine. I think I took way too much yarn with me. Doesn't matter. The plane will carry it back home again. πŸ˜‚

I didn't knit as much as I would if we were at home anyway. No comfy chair. Besides it's DK yarn so that's slower anyway.

Pattern: Stylecraft 9653

Yarn: Stylecraft Life DK Gorse Nepp 2337

Placeholder Handbag

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 I completely forgot to post about the finished handbag.

I will update this page once we're back home. I didn't take the photos with me to be able to do it now.

28 Sep 2020

WIP Handbag Progress

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 I started a new project, a handbag. I bought the pattern from Makerist.

So far the pattern is very easy to follow. Please remember it's in German.

Anyway, it took me forever to cut all the pieces out. That was day one.

Yesterday, I started to assemble and that's how far I got.

Last Batch of Masks

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 And here are the last few masks I have done for now. I am taking a break from making masks.

I think I made enough for hubby and myself to last for a while. πŸ˜„

Oh, I almost forgot. I made a couple for my mum.

These are ours.

19 Sep 2020

The Maskmania Continues

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 This is the first badge of 22 I have finished. As you can see some are made from fabric I recently bought. There are also a few I used up some leftover fabric I had lying around. 

And all 22 finished:

Fabric shopping

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 Because I wanted to make more masks of course I had to go fabric shopping.

Here's the first lot:

Then I bought some more:

And then I bought some more again:

The Future Bag

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After I finished the bag for my mother I really wanted to make a bag for myself. I was thinking about a backpack but I couldn't find a good pattern. But then I stumbled over this one.

I really liked this type of bag. So I went fabric shopping. I haven't done anything like this before and I haven't done any proper sewing for many years. Amazing how much new stuff there is around.
Anyway, I bought everything to make a bag and I was going to start but then the Maskmania really struck.

I hope I will start with it soon. πŸ˜„

Start of Maskmania

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 I started to make masks a while ago. The reason for it was I bought some masks online and they were, even so classed as large, too small. But also the fabric was so dense I really struggled and started to get a panic attack. I was hyperventilating and had to take it off. I only have mild asthma and never thought I would react like this.

Anyway, I looked through my clothes and found some 20 years old capri pants which were a nice light cotton fabric. They were too small anyway so it didn't matter if they became masks. If I like something very much I will keep it even if it doesn't fit anymore. That's another Aspie thing.

Here I was preparing the masks.

And this is how they look finished.

30 Aug 2020

Big Shopping Bag

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 I made a large shopping bag for my mother.

I bought some fabric from China. It was cheap but sadly it didn't come in one piece. But anyway the pieces were still big enough to make bigger projects.

I found some cool glitter oilcloth as contrast.

You can purchase the pattern from Makerist. Please be aware the instructions are in German but they include a lot of photographs. It is easy to follow. The pattern itself is in German and English.

10 Aug 2020

New Panties

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 I was watching a video on youtube and as it often happens you stumble over something totally different. It happens to me all the time. Anyway, there was a video about how to make your own underwear. That got my curiosity. So I watched and then read the comments and it seems that a lot who once made their own never again buy any.

I thought OK, let's give it a go. I found a free pattern which I then adapted because I like my undies high waist.

I had some fabric I had bought more than 20 years ago and only a couple of weeks ago I bought elastic. I had 2 pairs where the leastic was too tight and I wanted to replace it.

I cut out the fabric. I used some old vest for the gusset.

And this is the result.

(after a lot of swearing and sweating because I didn't have the correct presser foot or the correct needles for double jersey. πŸ˜’ )

But they fit and are rather comfy. So I think I am converted too 😁

4 Aug 2020

New Cushion Covers Part 2

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Yesterday I made 2 cushion covers for the long cushion.
For one I reused the zip of the old cover and I had some fabric in my stash which will go perfectly with the old covers I kept of course. It was nothing wrong with the covers. Just the cushions were cheap.

Today I made the other 4 covers. My back didn't feel too bad sitting at the sewing machine.
And my new ironing board is helping too. It extends much taller so I don't have to hunch over working at it.
For the green ones I didn't pay much attention on the pattern but it worked out perfectly for the square ones. The back and front looks exactly the same.
The one with the parrots I just made sure that at least one side had a perfect image.

So here they all are.


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