4 Aug 2020

New Cushion Covers Part 2

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Yesterday I made 2 cushion covers for the long cushion.
For one I reused the zip of the old cover and I had some fabric in my stash which will go perfectly with the old covers I kept of course. It was nothing wrong with the covers. Just the cushions were cheap.

Today I made the other 4 covers. My back didn't feel too bad sitting at the sewing machine.
And my new ironing board is helping too. It extends much taller so I don't have to hunch over working at it.
For the green ones I didn't pay much attention on the pattern but it worked out perfectly for the square ones. The back and front looks exactly the same.
The one with the parrots I just made sure that at least one side had a perfect image.

So here they all are.

New Cushion Covers Part 1

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I bought some fabric from Buttinette for bags. But once it came I loved it so much that I decided to make new cushion covers.
I bought these cushions a few years ago from TK Maxx. They were on sale and really cheap.
After a while I started to realise the reason for the low price. The cushions had a really leaky fabric and the feathers were the cheapest you can get on the market. I kept pulling out feathers because they poked through and the cushions felt more like a family of hedgehogs. 
So before I started with the new covers I decided to put the cushions into lining. I had also bought 1kg of lining fabric end of roll pieces.

So here is the first stage

8 Jun 2020

Strawberry Tea Cosy

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I am still fine. Nobody got sick. A bit hard to catch anything really because we hardly go outside.
Anyway, I have put the knitting aside and concentrate full on my other hobby 3D Art. I have to rebuild the content because a HDD conked out on me not long ago. Then I had other issues but finally I am getting back. But it takes forever to install everything.
But here the last thing I knitted and a little bit of crochet too. A tea cosy for my sister in law.

Stylecraft Special Chunky and DK

The pattern is available on Etsy.

13 May 2020

Pretty Kitty

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I am taking a break from crocheting tiny things.
My fingers suffered.

Cute Dog

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Number 5 a cute little dog

8 May 2020

Calico Kitty

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Number 4 a cute calico kitty which was a pain in the backside.
It was crochet in one piece, apart from ears and tail.
It was really hard with all the black. But I finally finished it.

7 May 2020

Crochet Dog

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And here the third, a cute little crochet dog

Grey Kitty

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And here is number two
Little grey kitty

30 Apr 2020

Mickey the Dog

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After I don't know how many years I finally started with these Battersea patterns.

Here is the first one.

Paintbox Simply DK
Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK

All that's missing is the buckle for the collar.

Gävle Goat

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Gävle Goat made from Lettlopi yarn.
The pattern is free here

14 Apr 2020

Lace Socks

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The yarn is from a pack of two, one plain, one multi colour I bought on holidays a couple of years ago.

The plain one is done. That pattern is out of one of my Japanese books

And the multicolour sock is made of a pattern in a German Sock Book

Chunky Slippers

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A pair of slippers.
Made from a Bergere de France Pattern and Yarn
The slipper soles were also purchased from Bergere de France.

Striped Socks

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The first 2 pairs of a pack of three.

More socks for hubby.
The other one to follow soon.

Woll Butt, Colour Pack Silvretta

Early X-mas Socks

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A bit early I know but this pack of yarn wasn't boxed away.
Lots of glitter 😊💖
Woll Butt, Colour Pack Tannenbaum


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