3 May 2021

Cushions Off The Hook

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 So I bought these Lion Brand Off The Hook Magic not reading the description properly so I had to get another two.

Anyway, it's really easy to make. I don't know why people struggled with it and had to watch a video.

I made for my musician hubby the one with the note and I have the paw one. It feels very soft but I have 2 issues:

1. The loops could be a bit smaller because I think it would improve the look.

2. the is no stretch sideways, well actually there is no stretch lengthwise either.

I think I have 3 issues.

3. It's NOT a square.

So you really don't know what size of cushion to buy.

I "sown" up one side with the tails and then I thought how to close the other side? A) you want it to look good and B) you want to be able to take the cushion out in case it needs washing.

Then it dawned on me. Ribbon! I used a 5mm ribbon and closed the side like shoelaces and boot. You can see it and you can undo it. 😁

5 Apr 2021

eBid Stores Open!!

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 All three eBid stores are now open.

Crazy Knitter Patterns

I'm an obsessive collector of knitting patterns. A typical Aspergers' obsession. Or whatever you want to call it I just love looking at all those beautiful designs. In the meantime I have aquired that many patterns that I have to sell them to make space. 

The qualities vary from shop new (yes there is still some old shop stock to find) to well used but far too good a pattern to throw it away. All the patterns are still perfectly usable. They may have some writing from previous owners but I always make sure that everything is perfectly readable.

2nd Hand Outlet

My second hand store is mainly about second hand clothing. Unwanted clothing, clothing that doesn't fit anymore but is perfectly fine to bring joy to a new owner.

I will also sell new patterns I don't need anymore, leftover yarn, yarn I don't want anymore, buttons I have far too many to make any sense. 

I also still have some teddy making supplies I can't use anymore and some other stuff, like accessories, sewing patterns and fabric.

I may also sell some computer spares and other stuff if I have something.

CrazyKnitter Knits & Crochet 

I will sell handmade items I have made for myself or hubby that never made it on the favourite list. Also some baby and childrens knits I just made because I don't like knitting large items during the warmer seasons. I have also made some homeware items because I wanted to make it but not necessarily keep it. 

My prices reflect the cost of materials (yarn, buttons, zips etc) + P&P. Also, I do NOT take on commissions. Don't even bother asking.

We are a smokefree and petfree household, but sometimes vintage patterns do smell a bit. I don't know where they have been stored before I've got them

If there are any questions regarding listings please feel free to ask.

I accept returns, but with limitations. It is not my responsibility if the buyer hasn't read the description properly.

Payment option is Paypal only.

I try to keep postage costs a low as possible. I will always combine postage and refund overcharged postage costs. I will always aquire proof of postage and anything valued £20 and above will be sent recorded.
Most of the items I ship worldwide. Too heavy or very expensive items will be UK only, yet please feel free to ask about shipping abroad.

I hope I can build as good a reputation here as I did elsewhere 

More Shawls

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 A while back I had started two shawls in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal. I didn't like the pattern. Too many bobbles. I don't like knitting bobbles and this pattern had hundreds of them. So I was looking for a different pattern I could use up the yarn. I stumbled over a pattern called "Corona Park" and thought that was rather fitting and somehow ironic. It is also available from Ravelry.

I made 2 versions (2 in the same colour) altogether 3 and I still had a lot of leftovers. So I made my own creation and depending on the angle it changes colour. It's a pretty cool effect and so easy to achieve.

Socks Again

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 You didn't expect that didn't you? 😂😂😂

A pair for hubby and guess what the same pattern again for myself this time in Lang Yarn Jawoll and Lana Grossa Meilenweit Tweed.


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