19 Jan 2024

Beaded Bracelets

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 Some examples what I have been making

The first 2 are braided with a Kumihimo Disk

More yarn listed on eBay

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 I have just listed a few discontinued yarns, like Patons Merino Extrafine 4ply and Aran, 2 packs with patterns for a sweet baby/toddler cardigan which includes the discontinued Stylecraft Eskimo. Some other King Cole, Patons and Stylecraft, as well as some Hobbii and Knit Pick and a shedload of Drops yarn.

In the coming weeks I will add even more. For now I have decided to keep just certain yarns, like most of the sock yarn, all of the Lang Yarn (not sure about the yarn I had planned for baby items), some other yarn and for definite the Hayfield Aran will stay.

I hope by the time I have finished my yarn stash will have halved.

So please have a nose around and help me recover some of the money, so I can invest in other hobbies.


Maybe I have to clarify why I am so drastically selling my stash. After knitting like there is no tomorrow, I severely damaged my thumb joints and I am suffering from the dreaded knitter's thumb. It had become so painful that I couldn't cast on anymore.

A few months ago I finally went to see my GP. Because I just had been vaccinated I had to wait a few weeks. So, a few weeks ago I received injections into the thumb joints. And my GP begged me to stop knitting, for at least a year. I didn't knit for a few months before I went and it didn't make a difference. I used about every cream there is and nothing would help against the inflammation.

Thankfully, the injections seem to work but I still have to be careful not to aggravate it with a strange twist.

So since then I have been beading, mainly bracelets, I started cross stitch again, I bought some nice fabric I will make into lovely things, I still enjoy diamond paintings a lot and I fill my colouring books with wonderful colours.

One day, I might knit again and that's why I want to keep at least some yarn and all the tools.

12 Oct 2023

Free shipping just died

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 I nearly fell off my chair when I read through the new Royal Mail postage costs.

Let me explain it in numbers.

I sell a vintage pattern for £2.25 that should include P&P. So for each sold pattern I receive £1.66. Yes, eBay charges me £0.59 in fees. If I list on those 80% fees reduced days of course I get more.

Postage use to be £1.15

cardboard backed envelope £0.25

A4 punched pockets £0.04

Total £1.44

I earn 22p per pattern. Yippee! (sarcasm)

If I carried on selling patterns for £2.25

It'll work out as a loss of £0.18

I will have no choice but to reduce the pattern price and charge P&P instead.

I'm sorry, but I want to make some money. I know I will not be a millionaire one day selling vintage patterns but I don't want to make a loss either.

2 Sept 2023

June Bauble

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The sixth of the series of 12 Months of Baubles

You can get a choice of kits from here. The pattern is only available if you buy a kit. Or if you are experienced in beading you may be able to figure it out yourself just by looking at the photos, like I did. Which gives you the opportunity to create your own colour combinations.  


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