24 May 2022

Mug Hugs

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 I crocheted some mug wraps with leftover Hobbii yarn.

The pattern you can buy here.

25 Mar 2022

I'm still here

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 Sorry for being so lazy posting.

I am really busy with knitting/crochet and getting my 3d stuff set up again.

There is one reason why I hardly posted. The weather had been so gloomy which didn't help my mood and it doesn't make good pictures. Then as well I started to struggle with the new inhaler I got 2 months ago. I felt so terribly breathless and tired. I am now back to the old one and I feel much better.

So here is proof how busy I was. 😂

Very unlike me I crocheted the same shawl/scarf 6 times. 😱
All different colours. I hope I will have them for sale on eBay by the end of April.
Atm I am making glitzy stuff.

I have another 2 bags full of handknitted stuff I need to take pictures and put up for sale. I hope I will be able to do that next month. I have my fingers crossed my back will finally hurt a bit less than it does now.
I would go outside to take pictures but I don't have a garden. And being an Aspie I feel very uncomfortable standing outside taking pictures and then maybe even get reported because some idiot thinks I am working. As if that's work. I usually only manage about 30 minutes standing. Any more and I am in agony. 😩

1 Feb 2022

Deramores no more

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 I had an email from Deramores saying they have stopped trading and that LoveCrafts will take over their assets. I don't know the reasons behind the owner of Deramores throwing in the towel and I don't want to speculate either. It is just sad that one goes and another is getting bigger and bigger.

I always shop around and I always try to spread around where I spend my money. I usually buy all the Drops yarn from WoolWarehouse, tools and sock yarn from Woolstack. I get my Lang Yarns magazines and yarn from ArtYarn. I probably spent a bit too much at Hobbii. 😇 I will always find some unusual yarn at LindeHobby. And I will always find good deals at BlackSheepWools.  And so on.

What I am trying to say is instead of buttering up the big ones show your support to your local yarn/craft shop and if there isn't one then support the smaller online shops who are usually family businesses.

Happy knitting, crocheting and whatever else you do in your spare time.

PS: Here is a good article why knitting and in my view other creative hobbies are so important

Healing Anxiety Through Knitting

8 Jan 2022

Gifts for my mum

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 I knitted my mum a few things.

2 pairs of socks, a reflective hat and gloves and a reflective headband. To keep her toes warm and so people can see her walking across the street.

Looks like I didn't take pictures of everything LOL.


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