9 Sept 2022


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 Even so I am not born British, I have adopted this country as my own. All my life there was always one constant and that was Queen Elisabeth II

But now, she is no more. I always saw her as a grandma. Small in stature, but feisty, just like my grandma was. And now it feels like a lost my grandma all over again.

R.I.P. Lilibeth, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of a Nation and further reaching than you could have ever imagined. 💔😭

6 Sept 2022

Facecloth and Pads

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 I made 3 sets of 1 small facecloth and 3 pads. The ecological way to deal with make up.



Mug Cosies

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 I have listed all the mug cosies, mug wraps or mug hugs or whatever else you want to call them.

I have different types, in acrylic yarn or cotton yarn. Some are made of organic cotton.



5 Sept 2022

Felted Baskets

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 For sale on eBay

Handmade Felted Basket Heart Pattern Red Grey 20cm diameter 10cm high



Handmade Felted Basket Geometric Pattern Yellow White 25cm diameter 14cm high



Handmade Felted Basket Snowflake Pattern Grey White 25cm diameter 17cm high


Crochet Blanket

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For sale on eBay

 Crochet Blanket Granny Squares Acrylic Turquoise Blue approx 80x80cm



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