12 Dec 2021

Just a quick one

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 Just to let everyone know I was just busy with other stuff which made me a bit lazy updating my blog.

Just quickly, if you are still looking for a great gift for a knitter HOBBII has a great Advent Calendar for Knitter reduced to £74. It's absolutely worth it. 

I explain why. As an Aspie I like to know exactly what I am getting.

I have opened now the 3rd box and when I am adding up everything I received I am already on about £100 worth of material.

I am not going to tell you what exactly you will get but it's really great.

So off you go and buy your wife, fiancée, girlfriend, sister, mother etc a great gift.

10 Sept 2021

Laughing Hen's Sublime Sale

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 30% off discontinued Sublime Yarn

@ Laughing Hens

Limited stock available

Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply 

Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK

Sublime Eden DK

Sublime Isabella DK

14 Aug 2021

Overall Striped

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 Striped Overall

Lang Yarns, Acrylic DK

Overall Lilac

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 Overall, Lilac

Lang Yarns, Merino 4ply

Tunic Sweater

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 Children's Sweater Multicoloured 3-4 years

Knitted from a Lang Yarn pattern in 2 strands

Chest: 24in (flat unstretched)
Length: 16in
Sleeves: 11.5in

Hand knitted from 
Hobbii Manaya
Diablo Wild Print
(bought when on sale RRP together £44.60)

65% Superwash Wool 35% Acrylic
Diablo Wild Print
30% Mohair 30% Nylon, 40% Acrylic

Hand wash only.

Multicolour Sweater

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 Sweater, Multicolour

Lang Yarn, 4ply

Warm Jacket

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 Jacket, Old Rose

Lang Yarns, Super Chunky

Chunky Poncho

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 Poncho, multicoloured

Lang yarns, chunky, wool mix


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 Dress, Lilac

Lang Yarns, Baby Wool

Hoodie Sweater

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 Hooded Sweater, beige

Lang Yarns, Merino 4ply

Blue Overall

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 Overall, Blue

Lang Yarns, Merino 4ply

Lilac Dress

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 Pinafore Dress, lilac

Lang Yarns Cotton, 4ply

Yoke Sweater

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 Baby Yoke Fairisle Sweater, Purple and Grey

Lang Yarns, Aran


Sweater and Hat

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 Baby Sweater and Hat, blue and grey

Deramores Baby DK

Yellow Baby Sweater

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 Yellow Sweater

Deramores Baby DK

Pink Dress

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Chest: 26in (flat unstretched)
Length: 14.5in
Sleeves: 4.5in

Hand knitted:
Sirdar Snuggly 100% Cotton DK.
Colour: Shade 755 and 760.
Knitted after a Sirdar pattern.

Sirdar Snuggly 100% Cotton
100% Cotton
Buttons: Plastic

Machine washable by 40°C (delicate wash).

Matinee Coat Angora

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 Matinee Coat, multicolour

Ice Yarn with Angora 4ply


Baby Sweater Yellow

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 I think this sweater has been lying around finished without buttons for over 5 years. It never took me that long to attach buttons. 😲😂

Sirdar Snuggly DK, vintage pattern.

I'm still here

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 I haven't posted much over the past couple of months mainly because I was so busy.

I have knitted a whole bunch of baby items I will post for sale in my stores soon. I just need to take some better pictures, which I was going to the other day and the something distracted me and I completely forgot. Damn Aspie brain. 

A few months ago someone in one of the knitting groups talked about an online store and their mystery bag of sock yarn. Of course I had to get one.

I was so happy with their service so I had to buy some more yarn and yarn cakes. The yarn cakes are GORGEOUS! The colours are exactly as pictures. Such beautiful colours.

I am knitting this shawl atm. (almost finished)

The shop I am talking about is HOBBII
The prices are very reasonable, going from every day acrylic to luxury merino yarn. And like I mentioned the yarn cakes limited edition and regular are just amazing. And so far anything I bought looked exactly as it was pictured. The shipping times of course depend of where you live. My orders usually arrived within 7 days, mostly earlier. 👍

Macramé Wall art

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 Bought this macramé crafting set from Aldi the sales. 

They gave more than enough string to make two. The dye could have been a little stronger though.

It was fun to make. I haven't made anything in macramé for decades.

15 Jun 2021

IKEA Storage

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 I needed some LED bulbs from IKEA. When I need something so cheap I usually add a few other items to spread out the postage. I always wanted something to put away the large shawls. I have a few and they would clutter up quite a bit space. And I had them everywhere.

I though why not a shoe hanging thingy. I have space behind the door.

It's called SKUBB Hanging Shoe Organiser and it's perfect.

Then I bought 2 SKUBB Storage Cases 44x55x19cm for my handknitted sweaters and cardigans. They fit perfectly in my wardrobe. I never had moths up here but still.

Then I have this slim wardrobe that usually had sweaters and shirts hanging. I just don't like sweaters, even bought ones on hangers. They lose shape. Then I spotted the SKUBB Storage with 9 compartments. It fit perfectly. The shirts are now in the other wardrobe and my sweaters rest comfy.

I also bought 2 sizes SPANTAD vacuum-sealed bags.

All together without shipping and the bulbs it cost me £21.50. Absolutely worth every penny.

10 Jun 2021

Wardrobe declutter

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 I mentioned that I won't be using eBay anymore. But unfortunately after checking all these apps and stuff I came to the conclusion if I wanted to get rid of stuff quickly and safely the best and efficient way is still eBay. Anyway, to stop eBay having access to our joint account I opened a new bank account and I am using this only for eBay. I check with the bank I chose and they said that it was perfectly fine. It means I can save this money for when there is an emergency. Mainly I am saving up for a new desk chair. I want something really comfy.

I ship almost everywhere but only UK has free shipping.

Everything I am selling is of perfect quality with the odd signs of wear that are impossible to avoid. Unless you walk around with your arms stretched out. 😂

Anyway, I am having a massive declutter of our wardrobes because of our disabilities we can't go out as much anyway, so why would any of us need 10 pairs of jeans or 20 jumpers or 30 pairs of shoes. That's just bonkers.

I am adding atm the first batch of clothing. Once done I will start sorting out the next batch, take pictures and get it ready to list.

Click on the logo to get to my listings. Thanks in advance!

9 Jun 2021

"Summer Babies" Shop Promo

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 I am knitting like crazy Baby stuff atm. I have a massive pile ready just not got round to take pictures.

That's why I'm sneaking in another shop promotion.

This time summerly baby outfit patterns. There is plenty more to find in my shop.

24 May 2021

Shop Promotion

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I would like to promote a few lovely original patterns that are available in my eBid store.

Today, I picked a selection of summer tops. Perfect for the holidays or at home.

More you can find here


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