26 Feb 2020

Dress & Panties

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And here is the other set I was asked to make

Drops Baby Merino
Pattern Sweet Sorbet

Jumper & Pants

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I was asked to make this from a vintage pattern.

I used Drops Baby Merino
Novita Merino Dream 4ply

Commission Work

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I made an exception and did some commission work.

From here:

to here:

in 12 evenings of knitting.

That's me done with commissions for a year or so.

2 Feb 2020

Mosaic Jumper

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Honestly, I have surprised myself by finishing it. After the back piece I was so frustrated because I was more going backwards than forwards. And the same happened with the front too. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that the sleeves were plain.
This is the first, last and only time I will knit a mosaic pattern.

The pattern is:
DY Choice DYP194

The yarn used is:
DY Choice DK with Wool


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