9 Mar 2020

Scratched KnitPro Nova

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 7:36 pm
I had a bit of an issue with my KnitPro Interchangeables.
The Nova Metal short pins showed deep scratches after a while and the coating came off.

I contacted the seller I bought them from. They replied very swiftly, asked for a photo and told me they have 3 years of guarantee.
I took some pictures and sent them. I had noticed that they looked differently to the actual first ever KnitPro set I bought. The coating was blueish silver and not the pure silver colour the old ones had.
She then told me that KnitPro had been changing the metal for the coating. 
I then found out the old ones are brass with a nickel coating. I know that some people are sensitive to nickel. I am too but only for earrings or necklaces.
I never had issues with the knitting needles.

In case you have bought some needles in 2019 and you get scratched needles contact your seller. They will replace them. You will notice that the tips of those needles aren't smooth.

Anyway, the new ones I received look much better.

Here the scratched needles


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