30 Dec 2013

Happy New Year

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I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I hope you will come back in 2014.

And i will try to remember for 2014 that i do not like knitting super chunky yarn.
The only good side it has, is that it's finished quickly. Otherwise it feels like i am knitting holding fence posts.
Oh and never to buy Ben Nevis Aran again. It's dreadful yarn. I still don't know what to do with those 1200g i have lying around.

On an positive note there will be most likely more jumpers, socks and lace knitting for next year.
And i try (but i can't promise) not to buy more yarn before i used up most of it *coughs* 

Colour Works Aran Jumper

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I promised my fiancé a jumper for Christmas.
Well, he got it a few days delayed but he loves it.

Patons Colour Works Aran Shade 92
The pattern is from the FAM (Fatto a Mano 200) Casual 
by Lang Yarns
Page 39

In the case you wish to knit the same jumper using the same yarn i used 500g are sufficient for size XL

Babouska Tunic

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A tunic made from Sirdar Babouska yarn.
Pattern # 9478

Personally i wasn't very keen on this yarn.
It looks nice and feels nice but it was a bit of a bugger to knit.

Long Aran Coat

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This was once a cardigan, then it became an unfinished project, then it turned into a hooded jacket but it finally transformed itself into a gorgeous long coat.

It's partially Aran yarn I bought from Aldi last year and partially Sirdar Bonus Aran yarn. Depending on the light you can see they are different yarns but hey i only wear it at home to snuggle up in front of the TV

The pattern i used is Hayfield Bonus Aran  #9468

22 Dec 2013

Madame Tricot - Artist

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Madame Tricot is a Swiss Knitting Artist.
She knits in 3d and mostly of it is food related.
Quite fascinating really.

19 Dec 2013

Hayfield Bonus Aran Cardigan

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Made another cardigan for my better half. Green for a change.
He wanted pockets and he got some.

I used Hayfield Bonus Aran
Pattern #9466

Rowan Kidsilk Scarf

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I managed to find some Rowan Kidsilk Creation yarn for a bargain.

I made this one using the crochet version. I think i prefer it compared to the knitted version.

I have some more colours of the same yarn.
Purple (this will be mine)
Grey, whitish, red and black i think.

It's very fluffy and soft.

Super Chucky Jacket

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I was a bit lazy updating.
I have finished this Sleeveless Jacket last month.
I was using:
Sirdar Squiggle Super Chunky
Sirdar Pattern #9357

Easy and quickly made. I am sure the pattern will suite many other super chunky yarns.


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