25 Mar 2020

Sock Formula

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I keep getting asked what pattern I use to knit my socks.
Well, it's not really a pattern it's a basic formula that works not matter how fancy you want to make your socks look. Just remember if you use a cable pattern you have to increase the stitches after the cuff. Otherwise they will be too tight.
Remember to decrease those stitches again before the cuff and before you start with the toe decrease.
The length of the shaft really depends on personal preferences. I would not go higher than 40% of the length of your shin. If you make them longer you will need more stitches so it's not too tight around your calf.

You can download the PDF here

All these socks I made using this formula

Scrappy Socks

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This is the one that sidetracked me.

My first ever scrappy socks

Woll Butt Colour Pack Bad Cannstatt
Contrast colour Drops Fabel

Hubby Socks

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I finished all 3 pairs of a pack of 3

Woll Butt Colour Pack "Bretagne"
Basic colour grey with bright stripes.

19 Mar 2020

eBay Store COVID-19 UPDATE

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As I belong to the vulnerable group (asthma) I have decided to stay at home as a precaution. 

You will be able to continue to make purchases but there will be a delay with posting. 

Customers who purchase knitting/crochet patterns to keep themselves occupied while they are self isolating can request a PDF of the patterns. You will receive the original at a later date. 
I think this is the best I can do to keep everyone safe and entertained. 

Stay safe, CrazyKnitter22

PS: As an alternative you can always get PDFs of a selection of patterns from my Etsy Store

16 Mar 2020

Hiya Hiya Sock Set

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So as the result of torturing my index finger knitting the hat I went and bought a Hiya Hiya Sock Set.
This was the only interchangeable set I could find that went as a low as 2mm.
It's an investment because £54 isn't cheap. But you know I am a passionate sock knitter. 😉

Well, I hope my index finger will be safe now. 😄

I bought some more cables to go with the 2.75mm and 3mm needles

Ribbed Hat

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Hubby wanted a hat that was lighter.
I found this really great looking pattern on Ravelry.
I had some KnitPicks Stroll leftover.

The only thing that was a pain in the backside I only had DPNs 2.25mm
I absolutely damaged my right hand index finger because I kept poking with the needle under the fingernail. Ouch! The result of it comes in the next post.

9 Mar 2020

Forgotten Sweater

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Oh dear, I completely forgot to share this sweater.

I actually made a mistake with the sleeve side of the raglan but it turned out really good.

It a Drops Design pattern called Irish Dove

The yarn is Drops Alpaca & Drops Kid Silk

It's really soft and warm.

Aire Valley Socks

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Hot off the needles.

Some socks made of WYS Aire Valley yarn.

These were finished super fast too.

I knitted a few thicker socks because it was really chilly. Besides I can wear these without slippers when it gets warmer.

Scratched KnitPro Nova

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I had a bit of an issue with my KnitPro Interchangeables.
The Nova Metal short pins showed deep scratches after a while and the coating came off.

I contacted the seller I bought them from. They replied very swiftly, asked for a photo and told me they have 3 years of guarantee.
I took some pictures and sent them. I had noticed that they looked differently to the actual first ever KnitPro set I bought. The coating was blueish silver and not the pure silver colour the old ones had.
She then told me that KnitPro had been changing the metal for the coating. 
I then found out the old ones are brass with a nickel coating. I know that some people are sensitive to nickel. I am too but only for earrings or necklaces.
I never had issues with the knitting needles.

In case you have bought some needles in 2019 and you get scratched needles contact your seller. They will replace them. You will notice that the tips of those needles aren't smooth.

Anyway, the new ones I received look much better.

Here the scratched needles

Viking Socks

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More bright but thicker socks.

These are made of Viking Garn Raggen.
It's worsted weight yarn
These were done really quickly.
Really love the colour.

Neon Socks

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I had this yarn lying around for some time.
I got it when I bought a joblot of sock yarns a few years ago.
I finally got round to use it.
It's a 6 ply sock yarn.
I am actually wearing them right now.

Super Soxx Alpaca

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I spotted this new Lang Yarns sock yarn called Super Soxx Alpaca.
I just had to get one to try.
It knits up super lovely. You get warm fingers while knitting.
Oh, and really toasty feet.

I'll get some more one day.


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