23 Jan 2013

Warm Lace Stole

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Just finished this one last night. I have not yet decided if i will keep or sell it. Maybe i just keep it a while so i can enjoy looking at it ;O)
It is made from King Cole Mirage yarn which is 50% Wool and 50% Arcylic
It's really cosy and warm and would keep the chill of your shoulders.

And this is how it looks all done up :O)

Shiny Purple Triangle Scarf

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And here he wave a triangle scarf also something for spring. Quite a simple but effective pattern.

Finished and flattened and in store now :O)

Light Spring Scarf

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Some light lace knitting scarf made of two yarns knitted together. Another scarf which will be sold through Etsy soon. 
I really have to make up all my finished projects soon otherwise i'll end up with piles of knitted products but not one of them ready for the store.

Galaxy Scarf and Slouch Hat

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And here's my own Galaxy scarf and slouch hat. Don't ask for them i wear these ;O)
But i might order some more Galaxy yarn and knit a few hats to see if they will sell. It'll probably be something similar as shown here but my own design.

Long Glitter Stole

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I had some more Aria yarn left over which i turned into this 2m long stole or scarf or whatever you want to call it. It just needs the finishing touches and then it'll be sold through my Etsy store.

James C Brett's Aria yarn feels so different from the similar looking King Cole's Galaxy.
It's a bit more stiff and works quite well with projects like this.

Corkscrew Scarf

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I've made this one a while back already. If i get the proper photos done soon you'll find it in my Etsy store.
It's made of a chunky wool alpaca mix yarn.

3 Jan 2013

Hot Water Bottle Cover

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By getting a Rowan subscription i could choose a gift. And this is what i chose.

Belle Organic DK is a beautiful yarn. It feels soft due to the wool and cool due to the cotton.
I am thinking of getting some for a nice top :O)

Lace Top

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I made a lace top from soft DK King Cole Gentle Touch.
The pattern is called Marise and from The Knitter Issue 42

Remade Coat

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Last summer i bought a 2nd hand coat of eBay (i always buy winter stuff in summer). It was waaaayy too big for me but i just loved the material.
Well now it's a coat that fits ;O)

2 Jan 2013

Hayfield Aran Jumper

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I finished my Aran jumper a few weeks ago. Love it!!

I used Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed in the colour Bramble.
The Pattern i used is the bonus Aran pattern No.9465

Rowan Studio Jana

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My first piece i have knitted after a Rowan Studio Pattern

I fell so much in love with Rowan Patterns i have now a subscription :O)

The yarn i used is another one i grabbed cheap of eBay ;O)

Boucle Nostalgia

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I had this yarn of eBay from someone who had started a project but never finished it.

Somehow i liked the colour so i had to have it. It's nothing special really.
I knitted a jumper with it after a 1970s pattern. Call me nostalgic any time ;O)


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