22 Feb 2023

I am versus Arthritis Challenge

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 In March I will start will my "I am versus Arthritis" Challenge.

I have never tried Brioche knitting. So this is my challenge. I found a "simple" scarf pattern. I hope I will get it. But my guess is there will be some swearing included. 😆

I bought some lovely Malabrigo Rios as suggested in the pattern.

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For Hubby

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 I've gone all vintage on this. I bought quite a while ago a bag of yarn from the charity shop. That was actually before I started with all the vintage knitting patterns. I stored it away in a box. I didn't forget it. When I bought a job lot of vintage knitting patterns, it included a few patterns that were made for the yarn I have. I have enough for two garments, a slipover and a pullover. The slip over is finished.

And then hubby asked for red socks. Who could deny such a request? Nobody! I added a simple pattern to make the look less boring and it helped me count.

Sock Intermission

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 I knitted a few socks not because I needed them but more because I know I finish a pair in a short amount of time and that's rather a good feeling when you knitted something that took an annoying long time.

I mean the cowl. It's finished but somehow didn't make it on a photo. LOL

I actually made a pair with this yarn and when I wanted to wear them I realised the pattern made them impossible to get them on. So unravel and new plain socks.

These have been stored away in a cute bag for the past probably 12 month and now they finally made it. I bought this yarn and more shades on holiday a few years back.

This yarn I bought last year if I remember right. They are very soft. But in the beginning you can smell the vinegar. I don't know how long lasting they will be because they are just merino yarn.

And something bright. I love this Schoppel yarn. It knits up so well.


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