24 Dec 2019

New Needles

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So, I finally bought myself 2 sizes of those new Prym Ergonomics.
I have to say I am very happy with them. They were perfect knitting those mittens from the earlier post. 
I am a continental knitter but when I knit fairisle patterns in two colours I always knit continental and English. Which means I have to let go of the right needle. Usually, the metal needles, when they don't hold many stitches, they will slide out.
These stay put.
I was so impressed with them I have ordered a 3mm set.

And I made myself an xmas pressy and bought a set of KnitPro Zing. 

Nordic Hat & Mitts

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Hot of the needle.

Viking of Norway Catalogue 1514, Pattern 9
Viking Garn Sportsragg
The pattern catalogue is free from lovecrafts
The yarn is also available from lovecrafts

The pattern was easy to follow. The yarn knits lovely. It's a bit more coarse than normal but it doesn't feel unpleasantly itchy. Far less itchy than the Icelandic Lopi yarn.

I would recommend if you knit the mittens to mirror the pattern so you won't start to knit 2 right mitts like it did. Well, I noticed it soon enough. 😆

I actually made a little mistake with the thumb pattern but it's not noticeable

Oh Deer Cowl

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A pack I bought some time ago.
The pattern is free.
The yarn and pattern is really affordable from Deramores

The yarn is King Cole Merino Blend 4ply. 
But really any 4ply sock yarn works, especially if you're after something more colourful.

It's not blocked yet.

16 Dec 2019

Nordic Hat's Galore

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So, actually the first 2 hats were supposed to be 2 more xmas presents for hubby. But he walked into the livingroom and asked, are you making a hat for me? 😍
Well, I couldn't say no. 😆

They are both made from Paintbox Simply Aran
The pattern is from here
available in Spanish, English and Dutch

This is my hat made from Stylecraft Special Aran
The pattern is free from here

13 Dec 2019

Fairisle Sweater 2

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I had to make one for myself 😄

The pattern is free from Bernat #429
Fair Isle Yoke Pullover

The yarn I used is Stylecraft Special Aran

6 Dec 2019

Fairisle Sweater

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Then I had this idea to make a sweater for hubby for xmas.
Something that looks xmassy but isn't too extreme.

I found this Paintbox pattern but it was made for Aran wool mix. Hubby is usually fine with max 20% wool but this was 50/50 and I never used it so I didn't want to risk it.
I bought Paintbox Simply Aran instead. According to the yarn the tension was the same. I had my doubts though.
I casted on the first sleeve, knitted a few rounds and immediately noticed it would turn out too big. I knew there was another pattern a basic sweater.
A little bit of calculating and measuring and less than 7 days later the jumper is finished.

Cable Cardigan

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Bought this as yarn/pattern pack from Deramores.
They are still 2-4 days slower in handling orders than other suppliers.
Anyway, the pattern stated 2 400g balls. I made the size 44/46 and ran out of yarn half way up the second sleeve. Sadly, Deramores gives a crap if you urgently need another ball of the same dye lot.
I then got in touch with Stylecraft/Spectrum Yarns who did not have any of the dye lot either but they sent me a sample so I could check if the dye lot they had would match. And it did and then sent me a ball free of charge. I believe it was their mistake in the first place. Because my knitting tension was spot on and I measure exactly what the pattern requires. So it can't have been me using too much yarn. Besides I didn't knit the largest size which also only required 2 balls.

So I finally finished it a week ago.

 Pattern Stylecraft 9554 Cardigan, Snood & Hat
Special Aran with Wool 
Colour: Duck Egg Nepp 2429

Xmas CAL Cushion

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The basic patterns was from the Deramores Christmas CAL.
I just found the original appliques too boring.
I found these @ Lovable Loops
You have to scroll down for a bit to find the links to all 3 patterns.
The tassles weren't added to the original either.

Little Soldiers

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I think the pattern was in the Knit Now Magazine, or one of those. I can't remember.
They turned out all right, I guess.


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