21 May 2019

Storage Caddy

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I found this storage caddy at Aldi.
It is really practical for the stuff I am working on. 
The bottom basket is big enough to hold the parts of a sweater or cardigan and the yarn for it.

I have seen plenty in our local Aldi.
According to the member of a knitting group it is only available in Aldi UK or Ireland. If haven't got a local Aldi store check online maybe they still have some left for delivery.


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And something totally different.
I usually make bread with my bread maker, which is a white spelt, wholegrain spelt flour mix.
That's what we usually have at weekends. During the week we have cereals or porridge.
Anyway my mum sent me a bread making book and Steve saw the bread we usually have in Switzerland for Sunday breakfast. So he asked if I could make them.
I said sure, my breadmaker allows me to make dough.

500g White Spelt Flour (I always buy 10kg Matthew Cotswold from Amazon) 
2 tsp fast acting dry yeast 
2 tsp Salt (I use Pink Himalayan salt, you can get that dead cheap from TK Maxx) 
2 tbsp Sugar (I use organic coconut sugar) 
60g unsalted Butter
3dl Milk 
and I add a little bit (less than 1/4 tsp) vitamin C powder it helps the dough to rise better and the air bubbles are smaller and more evenly spread. 
Depending on your oven (ours is a hot one) 180-200C for 30-35 min.

Here is a video that shows how to braid it.

Striped Socks

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Another pair made from Woll ButtYarn
Bad Cannstatt colour pack.

Almost Pairfect

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I know, I'm no centipede but you can never have enough socks. 😄

Made from Schachmayr Regia Pairfect Rainbow Color
They are almost perfect pairs. It wasn't because of me but them not being exact with colouring the yarn. Anyhow, I really enjoyed making these.

4 May 2019

Waste Baskets

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I made these two waste baskets last year.

Something different from the usual. 
Really easy to make. You will need enough space on a table though.

Work Corner & Books

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This is how my work corner and bookcase looked like 1 year ago.
It was chaos. I had a serious clean and sort out this winter.
It still has some chaos, but with more system. 😂


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