12 Jun 2022

Weighted Blanket Cover

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 I bought a weighted blanket from Aldi a few months ago. Of course, it didn't come with a protective cover. I first had a look around if I could find something ready-made, but the prices were just totally over the top. I mean, come on, £35 for a cover. Nuts!

I bought a duvet set previously from Aldi, very cheap, and the quality was really cheap too. The fabric was so thin you can read a newspaper through it, and whoever cut the fabric must have been drunk. The only thing that was straight, were the button wholes. I thought it was perfect for chopping up and making a cover for my weighted blanket.

Triangular Shawl, knitted

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 Triangular knitted shawl in Hobbii Winter Glow and a Hobbii pattern which is available free.

I only needed one ball of yarn. I had a tiny bit left over.

Bed Socks

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 My mum asked me if I could knit her some bed socks for the neighbour. They were talking, and she mentioned her old ones had wholes.

The first two are knitted from vintage patterns. Knitted with 2 strands of 4ply sock yarn. The last is just a simple sock but knitted a little loser, so they are comfy in bed. I enforced the heels with contrast 2ply yarn.

Another Lost Pair

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 No idea why I kept forgetting to share these.

Also a very nice yarn. Not as soft as the one before, but I also love the colours. It gives a beautiful stitch definition. 

Lost Socks

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 OK, not really lost. I just forgot to share these.

When I first got this yarn, I thought I had bought a bottle of vinegar. 😂 But after a while the smell faded. It's actually very, very soft yarn. So snugly. Loved knitting these. And the colours are just gorgeous. 😍


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