15 Jun 2021

IKEA Storage

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 I needed some LED bulbs from IKEA. When I need something so cheap I usually add a few other items to spread out the postage. I always wanted something to put away the large shawls. I have a few and they would clutter up quite a bit space. And I had them everywhere.

I though why not a shoe hanging thingy. I have space behind the door.

It's called SKUBB Hanging Shoe Organiser and it's perfect.

Then I bought 2 SKUBB Storage Cases 44x55x19cm for my handknitted sweaters and cardigans. They fit perfectly in my wardrobe. I never had moths up here but still.

Then I have this slim wardrobe that usually had sweaters and shirts hanging. I just don't like sweaters, even bought ones on hangers. They lose shape. Then I spotted the SKUBB Storage with 9 compartments. It fit perfectly. The shirts are now in the other wardrobe and my sweaters rest comfy.

I also bought 2 sizes SPANTAD vacuum-sealed bags.

All together without shipping and the bulbs it cost me £21.50. Absolutely worth every penny.

10 Jun 2021

Wardrobe declutter

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 I mentioned that I won't be using eBay anymore. But unfortunately after checking all these apps and stuff I came to the conclusion if I wanted to get rid of stuff quickly and safely the best and efficient way is still eBay. Anyway, to stop eBay having access to our joint account I opened a new bank account and I am using this only for eBay. I check with the bank I chose and they said that it was perfectly fine. It means I can save this money for when there is an emergency. Mainly I am saving up for a new desk chair. I want something really comfy.

I ship almost everywhere but only UK has free shipping.

Everything I am selling is of perfect quality with the odd signs of wear that are impossible to avoid. Unless you walk around with your arms stretched out. 😂

Anyway, I am having a massive declutter of our wardrobes because of our disabilities we can't go out as much anyway, so why would any of us need 10 pairs of jeans or 20 jumpers or 30 pairs of shoes. That's just bonkers.

I am adding atm the first batch of clothing. Once done I will start sorting out the next batch, take pictures and get it ready to list.

Click on the logo to get to my listings. Thanks in advance!

9 Jun 2021

"Summer Babies" Shop Promo

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 I am knitting like crazy Baby stuff atm. I have a massive pile ready just not got round to take pictures.

That's why I'm sneaking in another shop promotion.

This time summerly baby outfit patterns. There is plenty more to find in my shop.


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