15 Jun 2021

IKEA Storage

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 3:26 pm

 I needed some LED bulbs from IKEA. When I need something so cheap I usually add a few other items to spread out the postage. I always wanted something to put away the large shawls. I have a few and they would clutter up quite a bit space. And I had them everywhere.

I though why not a shoe hanging thingy. I have space behind the door.

It's called SKUBB Hanging Shoe Organiser and it's perfect.

Then I bought 2 SKUBB Storage Cases 44x55x19cm for my handknitted sweaters and cardigans. They fit perfectly in my wardrobe. I never had moths up here but still.

Then I have this slim wardrobe that usually had sweaters and shirts hanging. I just don't like sweaters, even bought ones on hangers. They lose shape. Then I spotted the SKUBB Storage with 9 compartments. It fit perfectly. The shirts are now in the other wardrobe and my sweaters rest comfy.

I also bought 2 sizes SPANTAD vacuum-sealed bags.

All together without shipping and the bulbs it cost me £21.50. Absolutely worth every penny.


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