12 Mar 2021

Moving shops

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 After I received some unsettling news regarding eBay about their latest seller punishment I have decided to get rid of eBay and use just eBid and Etsy.

Yes, Etsy also deposits your earnings directly into your bank account but they only do that once a month. Which mean that you have currency available if you want t buy something or if you list items.

eBay on the other hand want to deposit your earnings after 2-3 working days after being paid. That is ridiculous. Besides we all know that we can get the odd scammer who will claim they didn't receive their order and eBay quickly will take your money before you can even give evidence of the contrary. I will not allow eBay to have access to my bank account. I never gave PayPal access to my bank account either.

So the majority of my patterns will move to eBid and I will open a second Etsy store for all the crafty and handmade stuff.

I have already started moving listings to eBid and I hope I will have it done by the end of the month.

The eBid store is live but on holiday settings because of the current covid-19 crisis.

I hope to see you at my new shops


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