8 Jan 2022

Gifts for my mum

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 I knitted my mum a few things.

2 pairs of socks, a reflective hat and gloves and a reflective headband. To keep her toes warm and so people can see her walking across the street.

Looks like I didn't take pictures of everything LOL.

7 Jan 2022

A Little Rant

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 Does everyone else get annoyed when some "famous" designers lend their names for products that the prices shoot up like there is no tomorrow?

First I get an email from LoveCrafts regarding "Made With Love by Tom Daley" I thought OK great, he's very creative let's have a look. Hmm, every kit is with super chunky yarn, not for me. I actually hate super chunky yarn. The needles hurt my hands. Then the cheapest is a hat for £35 and the most expensive is a blanket and the XXL sized sweaters and cardigans for £145. Yes it's merino yarn. But when you look closely it's a very loosely spun merino which just screams for pilling. And I really don't want to know how much Tom actually gets from the sale. Peanuts probably.

And this morning I had an email from Deramores "McIntosh at Deramores."

CALM® by McIntosh is award-winning wool - with each cake of CALM lovingly hand-dyed in the UK. CALM is a mixture of 80% Extrafine Merino at only 16 microns and 20% pure cashmere, and has been spun with 'Z' and 'S' twists for a stronger stitch definition.

Extrafine Merino at only 16 microns? Merino wool is between 12 and 24 microns. So what?

Now here comes the issue, cashmere is a very delicate fibre and it breaks easily. Trust me I know I have knitted with cashmere and one wrong move with your needles and snap. Now if you add the delicate merino with a staple length of  90-115mm and cashmere with a staple length of 25-90mm it helps when it's spun in a Z and S twist to make it stronger. That it gets a stronger stitch definition is just a bonus.

To be honest this bit in the description is far more important to the welfare of the animals and I am glad to see it.

"non-mulesed Merino"

But why merino? Why not use British wool? All his other yarn is made of Bluefaced Leicester with or without silk.


1 Jan 2022

Happy New Year

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 First of all

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I have been very quiet lately but that has more to do with the fact that I was actually very busy knitting but the weather is so gloomy atm I just can't get good pictures without getting my big photo light out. And then there is the issue with my back. It get really painful after a short while and that's another reason why I struggle to get the pictures done. And I should press a few things to get better pictures as well. I hope I will have a few good days soon I can use to take pictures.

Anyway, I have opened all 4 advents boxes from Hobbii and I have knitted everything. I have to confess I changed the sock yarn. I just couldn't see ruffles on camouflage colours. 😂


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