1 Jan 2022

Happy New Year

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 11:56 pm

 First of all

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I have been very quiet lately but that has more to do with the fact that I was actually very busy knitting but the weather is so gloomy atm I just can't get good pictures without getting my big photo light out. And then there is the issue with my back. It get really painful after a short while and that's another reason why I struggle to get the pictures done. And I should press a few things to get better pictures as well. I hope I will have a few good days soon I can use to take pictures.

Anyway, I have opened all 4 advents boxes from Hobbii and I have knitted everything. I have to confess I changed the sock yarn. I just couldn't see ruffles on camouflage colours. 😂


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