12 Nov 2016

Gone Blanket Crazy

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As I mentioned in an earlier post I am making the Crochet Girl Gang CAL in both colours.
3 weeks finished.

That's how it looks atm.

I made the Lily Pond CAL close to the original colours and gave it away as birthday gift.
Which was a massive success but I also got the request to make another for the other settee.
I am not the one who likes to make the same stuff twice. But then I spotted that Stylecraft released a new colour version of Lily Pond.
I thought, yeah! I don't mind making another in a different colour.
I am already making the last pieces after a good week.
The new Lily Pond version is called Cherry Blossom.
It looks so stylish.
So that's another Xmas present sorted.

Browsing through eBay I found a simple blanket pattern I knew I could finish in time.
Wendy 5965
I will be using Paintbox Chunky yarn.
I went for 
5 x 307 Vanilla Cream
4 x 314 Pillar Red
4 x 316 Melon Sorbet

I'll post each one once they are finished.

Stylecraft Lily Pond

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Seems I have completely forgotten to post about this one.
I made this one in January 2016

I used my own colours in Stylecraft Special DK

I gave it to my Sis - in - law for her birthday.

4 Nov 2016

Rowan Gelato

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Really love this cabled sweater.

It is made from

Shade 154 Light Denim

The pattern is free

The Sweater is for sale here

Hat Mad

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Made a bunch of hats

Lang Yarns Merino 120

Lang Yarns Royal Alpaca

Lang Yarns Cashmere Premium
This is going to be a Xmas gift for my mother.

All Patterns are from
Fatto a Mano FAM229
Muetzen by Lang Yarns

Crochet Girl Gang CAL

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I started Crochet Girl Gang CAL a few days ago in both colour versions.
I really love the Paintbox yarn.
It is very soft a crochets very well. Really good quality acrylic yarn.
Btw so far this CAL works well for beginners. You don't need to have lots of experience.
The lady's have also made videos and the patterns are easy to understand.
Go for it if you want to make a gift for someone. There will be enough time to get it finished by Xmas.


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