18 Jun 2023

Crazy about Colouring

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 Something else I have started doing again is colouring. Using different tool, colour pencils, felted pens an water colour pens. I will try again water colouring as well. 

I have plenty of different colouring books to choose from, including some really annoying ones that are printed double sided. What were they thinking? Felted pens with colour through and colour pencils will copy colour onto the other page unless you waste an extra clean sheet of paper for every page. Really wasteful. Some are bound really idiotic as well.

Baubles in Beads

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 Because it's too hot to knit now and I wanted a break anyway because of 2 very painful knitters thumbs. Update on those, my right one doesn't hurt at all atm. My left one is still painful but not as bad as it was before. So I hope I can start knitting again when it's cooler again.

I bought these beads to decorate baubles quite some time ago.

I finished the Icicles first. I already completed 3 last year and they had decorated my tree. All together 6 in different lengths.

Then I made 2 of these.

Followed by those red and silver ones. Atm I am making the golden version.
And then I have more planned with the leftover beads.


Diamond Tree

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 I bought this one, the Spring versions and the Summer version as a bag, I forgot to take a picture of the bag. I will add it when I take more pictures.

After I finished this one I knew I needed all the seasons. And then I found another version also all 4 seasons which should arrive soon.

Diamond Mandalas

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I have to say I was smiling all the way through when I made this one.

 This small one was done far too quickly.


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