21 Jan 2023

WIP Sirdar Cowl

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 Not being a big fan of doing Fairisle work straight, but still thought it looked a nice and the some of the colours of the yarn was 50% off, I thought OK I'll got for it.

Oddly enough the colours work really well together. And I am getting better along as I was expecting. But I still prefer Fairisle work knitted in rounds.

Customer Gift

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 I received a gift from a customer who was over the moon about a cardigan she bought of me. She was insistent to send me a gift. She is also a crafter. She make pottery.

I love it. I won't use it for tea or coffee, but it will work perfectly as stitch marker storage.

If you look for a gift why not visit her store. 😉

Cable Crazy

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 I saw this Debbie Bliss Sweater pattern and I immediately thought, I have to knit this. Now Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK isn't the cheapest yarn, so the hunt began. After 2 days of trying to figure out which yarn could work and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, I suddenly had a light bulb moment. I remembered I had 20 balls of Bergere de France Ideal DK lying around for 5 + years. I always knew it would one day serve a purpose.

Up the ladder, find the right box, read the label and yippee! it would work.

And I started. After half of the back done, I suddenly realized my brain did an autocorrect and twisted all the cables in the same direction. It never occurred to me that half are left twisted and half are right twisted. And I honestly didn't care. I preferred it my way.

I had to redo one sleeve because I miscounted on the first row, which cause a 2 day delay. But it's done and it looks great. 

5 Jan 2023

From Cowl to Hat

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 This yarn used to be a cowl that wasn't too useful so I turned it into a hat and it will make a second one and maybe some wrist warmers too.

It's a Lang Yarns pattern slightly adapted.

Sock Yarn Crazy

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 I've gone a bit sock yarn nuts during the sales. 😂

Well, I can't blame myself, some of the stuff was dead cheap.

I also bought yarn for a fairisle sweater and a cardigan directly from Sirdar 50% off. Also some Hayfield Aran and a few other just smaller lots from Sirdar. I bought some Emu Aran as well.

I bought some yarn from the Knitting Network that was really cheap. One of it I realised why. I started to knit a sleeveless chunky sweater and the yarn stunk like it was soaked in diesel oil. 😬 It's now on top of my wardrobe hoping it will lose the smell over the next 5-10 years. 


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 I knitted something for myself for a change. 😂

Really easy to knit but in my view there was a mistake in the pattern. The pattern came with 2 neck versions, boat neck and stand up neck. Meaning the back and front pieces raglan was longer for the stand up neck, but the pattern asked to knit identical sleeves for both versions. Which I did at first and sewing it all together I realized something was utterly wrong. I compared the rows and the sleeves were about 8 rows shorter compared to the front and back. So I read through the pattern again, hoping I may have missed something. But I hadn't. I undid the cast off on both sleeves and added the 8 rows that were missing, carrying on with the raglan decrease. After assembling all the pieces I added a simple 1x1 rib around the neck, the same length as the cuffs. Finished!

Pattern Stylecraft 9550

Yarn Stylecraft Life DK

Xmas Treat Box

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 I received a 15% off voucher code from Wool'n'Stuff and while looking what I could get I stumbled over the Christmas Treat Boxes in 3 versions, knitting, crochet and socks.

I treated myself to the sock box. It arrived really quickly. I opened the box in anticipation. I wasn't disappointed 😍. Everything was beautifully packed and wrapped. It contained 2 balls of excellent quality sock yarn, a tree ornament (cute 💖), a notebook, a tin with stitch markers, a tape measure, a kit for tree decoration, a white chocolate and a hot chocolate treat (I had that yesterday and it was very tasty 😋)

I hope it was a success for Wool'n'Stuff and they will make these boxes again. They are a wonderful gift for any knitter, crocheter or sock enthusiast. 👍👍 up from me.


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