18 Nov 2019

Xmas CAL Deramores

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I had a 25% off voucher to get this CAL set so I bought it.
They also made a KAL but I didn't see anything interesting.
If you just want the patterns they are free.
So far, I have made the 2 baubles and the coasters.
I have started the stocking. But instead of just plain white top I will give it a furry one.
Next I will probably make the placemats and then the cushion.
When I know what I have left over I will probably add some other things

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Russian Hat

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And I made a hat for my mum.

Made from
James C. Brett Faux Fur
James C. Brett Chunky with Merino

Hats & Scarves in James C. Brett Faux Fur (JB251)

 PS: You can get teddy bear patterns for this Faux Fur as well

Chinchilla Set

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A hat and scarf I made for my MIL.

I have seen people complaining about this yarn. That it was a pain to knit with.
I don't really like knitting chunky and super chunky yarn but this was pretty easy to knit. 
And it's soooo fluffy!  

James C. Brett Chinchilla
I didn't really use a pattern but I based it on this pattern
Hats & Scarves in James C. Brett Chinchilla - JB540

PS: Make your little ones a Teddy Bear from it!!

12 Nov 2019

Soon: Black Friday Sale

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You might want to bookmark my eBay shop.

From the 24th of November
1st of December

I have a Black Friday Sale going.

20% off 

It includes e.g.:

2nd hand clothing
Handmade items

Jumper for hubby

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I think I started it before we went on holidays.

It's made of Hayfield Illusion DK (it is a discontinued yarn as far as I know. Small amounts are still available in some stores. Lovecrafts still have some of the shades.)

Pattern # 7933 Hayfield.

It knits well for an acrylic yarn.

Quick update

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So, we finally got married 👫💕
Nothing spectacular just a few family members were present.
Then we jetted off to our honeymoon at my mum's in Switzerland.
Also, it was my mum's 80th birthday. 🎉
She loved her new bag btw.

I knitted the two pairs of socks I brought yarn with me pretty quickly so I had to buy some more.
I still have to take pictures of the ones I finished.

My mum wanted a shawl so I made her one in between the socks.

Those three weeks at my mum's were over pretty quickly. 
Hubby really enjoyed it. He now realised that autumn can be just as lovely in Switzerland. No need to go during summer when it's too hot.

So we filled the suitcase with yarn (only kidding) and food.

So, that was it.


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