26 Mar 2023

Cable Raglan Sweater

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 I saw this pattern during a Debbie Bliss promotion and I had the urge to knit it.

Thankfully I had suitable yarn lying around so I didn't have to splash out.

I knitted it with Paintbox Wool Blend Worsted.

Now, when I ready through the pattern and looked at the measurements and the amount of stitches I was supposed to cast on, I looked rather puzzled. Or flabbergasted. The first thing I said was bloody hell, this is a tent. 😱 I mean, I like my sweaters a little loose but not like that.

I cast on the size I first thought I was going to knit. I help up what I cast on and nope! Size down, nope, size down, still nope. Another size down and OK that looks about right. 2 weeks later I was finished and put it on the first time and it fits perfectly. Still a little loose but certainly not a tent.

6 Mar 2023

Interlaken Pullover

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 I had this pattern planned with a different yarn but it didn't work. The yarn was too slippery and the twisted stitches became all tiny and I had ladders on both sides. 

I still had some WYS Aire Valley Essential DK, funny enough grey as the pattern, so I tried that and it worked perfectly. I even had more left over than expected.

Big shout to Anne Hanson for creating this great sweater and the well written pattern. I really enjoyed making it. You can buy it from Ravelry.

PS: It looks a bit wonky because I haven't blocked it yet.


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