13 Jan 2014

W.I.P. Large Lace Shawl

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At the moment i am working on a lace shawl made from yarn made in Bulgaria.
I have to say it's coloured beautifully and it is very light and soft.

I always buy it from a seller on eBay. She's a very nice lady and if you need different shades or packages sizes you can always ask her.

Anyway i have knitted about 60% and i am going to wind the 2nd skein now before i carry on knitting

Monsoon Tunic

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Finished last week the 
James C. Brett Monsoon (Shade S3) Tunic
This is a chunky yarn.
Pattern # JB067

It's heavenly soft yarn i have to say. Knits very quickly and the colours are gorgeous.

2 Jan 2014

Sirdar Indie Tunic

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I think i mentioned before that i hate super chunky yarn.
Finished in 3 evening TV watch sessions so that was an advantage.

Apart from that is super cosy yarn and the colours are vibrant.

The pattern is out of Sirdar Indie Knits Design 9319

As i had some spare skeins i made a slouchy hat to go with.
I have enough for two more hats but they have to wait. I just needed to switch to thinner needles before 10mm and 12mm were flying out of the window. Haha!


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