9 Jul 2022

2nd Etsy Store Closure

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 A while back, I opened a second Etsy store for all the stuff that needs shipping. Yes, I have sold a few items, but nothing for a couple of months now. I mean, I don't sell luxury products, nobody can't afford. And on top of it, they are really taking the piss with fees. 

In my other Etsy Shop for example I made 74 sales in April 74x£1.60, that's £118.40 minus £14.80 listing fees, minus £7.69 transaction fees, minus £20.91 processing fees, minus £0.07 regulatory operating fees. I am not counting VAT because £1.60 is the price without VAT. In the end, I only make about £1 per sold item. They take about 40% of your sales. The average total eBay selling fees are about 16%.

So now you know why I will close down the one that would hurt me the most because I don't want to increase the prices just to get even, and I get at least the costs I put in get back.

Baby Beach Dress

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 And this one is a Drops pattern and yarn.

The pattern is Beach Baby

and the yarn is DROPS Safran

I knitted this before with a Rowan Organic Cotton yarn 


Yellow Cardigan

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 I made this light baby cardigan from Lang Yarns Baby Cotton, which is still available.

It's lovely to knit, very light and soft. If you have very dry hands like I have, it can be beneficial to use a non-greasy hand cream. It makes it less slippery and easier to handle.

The pattern is from FaM 196 Baby, it's out of print, but maybe you can find it on eBay or a second hand online book store. It has some really nice patterns.

Maybe Dress, Maybe Tunic

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 Little dress/tunic made with the sadly discontinued Lang Yarns Omega Baby.

The quality of this baby yarn is above anything I have used before. It's so soft and knits up so well. I still can't believe they discontinued it.

The pattern is from an older FaM magazine. I can't look it up quickly now because they changed the website and all patterns of discontinued yarn have gone. Still pissed off about it.

The new website is sluggish, and has all these stupid quirks that drive my Aspie brain crazy.


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