9 Jul 2022

2nd Etsy Store Closure

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 3:40 pm

 A while back, I opened a second Etsy store for all the stuff that needs shipping. Yes, I have sold a few items, but nothing for a couple of months now. I mean, I don't sell luxury products, nobody can't afford. And on top of it, they are really taking the piss with fees. 

In my other Etsy Shop for example I made 74 sales in April 74x£1.60, that's £118.40 minus £14.80 listing fees, minus £7.69 transaction fees, minus £20.91 processing fees, minus £0.07 regulatory operating fees. I am not counting VAT because £1.60 is the price without VAT. In the end, I only make about £1 per sold item. They take about 40% of your sales. The average total eBay selling fees are about 16%.

So now you know why I will close down the one that would hurt me the most because I don't want to increase the prices just to get even, and I get at least the costs I put in get back.


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