5 Jan 2023


Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 3:33 pm

 I knitted something for myself for a change. 😂

Really easy to knit but in my view there was a mistake in the pattern. The pattern came with 2 neck versions, boat neck and stand up neck. Meaning the back and front pieces raglan was longer for the stand up neck, but the pattern asked to knit identical sleeves for both versions. Which I did at first and sewing it all together I realized something was utterly wrong. I compared the rows and the sleeves were about 8 rows shorter compared to the front and back. So I read through the pattern again, hoping I may have missed something. But I hadn't. I undid the cast off on both sleeves and added the 8 rows that were missing, carrying on with the raglan decrease. After assembling all the pieces I added a simple 1x1 rib around the neck, the same length as the cuffs. Finished!

Pattern Stylecraft 9550

Yarn Stylecraft Life DK


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