20 May 2013

Socks - one of my passions

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 12:42 am
I love knitting socks. Not just because i love wearing knitted socks but also because i can just sit down and knit because the pattern is carved into my brain LOL!
Basically i don't have to think, well not a lot.
We have an exercise bike and when i used it i always cycled much too fast which caused me being knackered after a short time. Well when you have ADD/ADHD you tend to feel like you are wasting time on the bicycle because you are not productive. Which caused me being fed up with it quite quickly.
But since i have started knitting socks while cycling i feel i do double good. I keep fit and i don't feel i waste time by being unproductive.
Trust me it works.
Anyway here's a bicycle sock ;O)

It takes me about 1 week to knit 1 while cycling 30 minutes a day.
Usually i would knit a pair in 2 days ;O)
Btw this is very nice sock yarn. I found it on eBay a while back and bought every colour of it :O)

PS: I am now thinking of taking my knitting to the hairdressers next time.


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