24 Feb 2014

Felted Slippers

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 8:57 pm
Well, my fiancé needed some slippers. He can't wear synthetic stuff because they just become smelly way too quickly. The solution was felted slippers but it had to be 100% wool.
I found some online but half didn't say what material they actually were and the other half was like having to get a mortgage to buy them.
The solution was make them myself.
I was combing through the internet and i found a pattern which seemed easy and cheap.
Here is the link:

It is really a good pattern. It comes on 2 knitting versions and many sizes.
I used the same yarn suggested so i wouldn't have to figure out the correct felting process.

I knitted the first pair and washed them at 50 degrees Celsius (a normal 60 degrees cycle with reduced temperature) and they came out perfectly.

I managed knit 3 pairs, 2 size 10 wide and 1 size 7 normal out of 400g of yarn (Cascade is knitted using 2 strands)

To make them a more secure and longer lasting i covered the bottom of the slippers with clear silicon (the same you use for kitchen or bathroom) which gives them a nice rubber sole.


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