10 Jan 2015

Waistcoat Montana DK

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 10:43 am
Finally got round to knit this waistcoat. I must have bought the yarn and pattern over a year ago.
We all know how this works with us knitters. You see something and you want to make it and then you see another piece and you want to make this even more and then you see.... You get the idea.

Sirdar Montana DK yarn in Shade 200
Sirdar Pattern 9645

It is lovely yarn to knit with.

In case you are interested. Because i knit rather a lot i needed a cheap source for buttons. So i went to look for whole sale buttons and i found a seller on eBay from ShangHai.
I ordered 5 different types of wooden buttons. They arrived very quickly (approx 10 days) The buttons were packed in small bags with a silica gel pouch.
The buttons are from excellent quality. Throughout no complaints regarding material and colour.


I used some of them here.


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