27 Dec 2018

Elastic Cast On for Socks

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 11:40 pm
Hubby wanted me to knit more sock for him. He finds them easier to put on using the sock aid.
I usually do a long tail cast on but for once I thought I try this elastic cast on that is described in my German Sock Knitting book (Wunderbare Socken Stricken für die Ganze Familie). 
I had this book for years but never tried the different cast on because usually, I use a 2x2 rib. This one only works with a 1x1 rib. 
I have watched a few videos regarding Italian cast on but I didn't find anything that describes what is in my book. And after 1 pair of sock and another started I believe others need to try this.

You will need a contrast yarn (preferably same thickness or thinner) and a pair of  DPNs 0.5mm - 1mm bigger than the one you will knit the socks with.

You start with casting on half the stitches you need. Instead of casting on 64sts cast on 32sts using the contrast yarn with the bigger needles.
Knit 2 rows in stocking stitch.
Now change to sock yarn and use the smaller DPNs.

1. round: * 1 Knit, 1 yarn over * repeat until the end. Spread stitches over 4 needles and close the round. You have now the right amount of stitches.

2. round: * slip 1 Knit yarn behind, 1 Purl * repeat until the end.

3. round: * 1 Knit, slip 1 Purl yarn in front * repeat until end.

4. round. * slip 1 Knit yarn behind, 1 Purl * repeat until the end.

From round 5 carry on with 1x1 rib.

After maybe 3 centimeters you can remove the contrast yarn. Either by undoing it so you can use it again. Or cut the last contrast yarn stitch and pull hard from the other end.

Now you should have a lovely invisible cast on edge.

This yarn is from Buttinette, a German hobby, and craft store.
They have really lovely affordable sock yarn. Even including the postage to the UK it is still very affordable.
I just bought again a few more colour packs. 3x100g for just €10 is a bargain.


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