19 Apr 2019

Safari Shine

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 12:30 pm
Before I could finish the Dapple Sweater I had a request on eBay.
Someone who wanted to buy one of my sweaters missed out.
And she asked me if I could make her one.
Usually, I don't do commissions because I hate knitting/crocheting the same patterns twice.
But because it meant some money and the original I had knitted a few years ago I agreed.
I can confirm that my customer is over the moon with her new sweater.

This was the original. But unfortunately this shade was discontinued.

She told me to pick something similar. I found a shade that came close and by the looks of it, it was also on the verge of being discontinued. 
So this is her sweater.

Personally I like this one even better.
King Cole Shine Shade 3085 Safari
Pattern: King Cole 3843

Just so everyone knows NO MORE COMMISSIONS.
I want to get on with all the projects I have lined up.


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