About me

I am Swiss born living in the UK with the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend and now husband.
I love cats and dogs and I used to have lots of pets. We don't have any right now.

I started knitting in school. Yes back then we did learn these things in school.
We did a lot of arts and crafts actually. Knitting has always been my favourite.
I always had a big stash of yarn and knitted like mad in my free time. Until I had an accident and dislocated a finger and broke a bone in my hand.
The recovery took quite some time. After I was back at work I still struggled with certain tasks and the pain came and went. Knitting turned into a real struggle and I gave up after several tries.
So everything was sold or given away.

Almost 15 years later I thought I give it a try again and started with something small. No pain. I kept increasing the size of the objects and still no pain. 
So I bought all the tools and lots of yarn and I am back knitting as I used to before.

I use this blog to show my work.
To praise yarns where they deserve it and give honest opinions.
I will share patterns if I have a creative spurt.

Some projects I will sell as I don't have that much space.

I hope you enjoy my little blog.


A little update.
I have in the meantime been diagnosed with autism/Asperger's syndrome. I also have ADHD. Something which is known now as AuDHD.
I always new I was different growing up and so much makes sense now. My struggles with social interactions, always trying something new. The inability to stay in a job for a long time. Being overly enthusiastic and then suddenly bored.
My advice to parents with autistic children: give them all the tools in the world to make their life easier, but don't bubble wrap them. They need to go through the same experiences as everyone else. If you are over protective of your child you refuse them to evolve into an adult that can function in society.
I grew up not knowing, I wished there had been the tools available today, but I would never want to miss anything else I have experienced, good and bad. Because it made me into the person I am now.


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