About me

I am Swiss born living in the UK with the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend.
I love cats and dogs and I used to have lots of pets. We don't have any right now.

I started knitting in school. Yes back then we did learn these things in school.
We did a lot of arts and crafts actually. Knitting has always been my favourite.
I always had a big stash of yarn and knitted like mad in my free time. Until I had an accident and dislocated a finger and broke a bone in my hand.
The recovery took quite some time. After I was back at work I still struggled with certain tasks and the pain came and went. Knitting turned into a real struggle and I gave up after several tries.
So everything was sold or given away.

Almost 15 years later I thought I give it a try again and started with something small. No pain. I kept increasing the size of the objects and still no pain. 
So I bought all the tools and lots of yarn and I am back knitting as I used to before.

I use this blog to show my work.
To praise yarns where they deserve it and give honest opinions.
I will share patterns if I have a creative spurt.

Some projects I will sell as I don't have that much space.

I hope you enjoy my little blog.



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