8 May 2014

Just a quick update

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 12:24 pm
I am terribly behind with posting new stuff. The reason is i was rather busy with eBaying the last couple of months and i just didn't find the time or energy to update the blog.

I have finished quite a lot of new items, i need to take pictures and post here.

At the moment i have a crochet top on the go.
I think i mentioned this before i am not a keen crocheter but sometimes when i see something i like i can overcome this "i don't really like crocheting" feeling.

I started the model Kos out of  the Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 53

I had 500g of Red Heart Cotton Mix which works fine but i have to use a crochet hook 3.5 to get it about the same size.

Anyway i have just simple aluminium hooks and they have started to hurt my hand because i hold them like knitting needles not like a pencil. I never could manage to crochet that way. It goes against my hand in a way.
So i was looking for some more suitable crochet hooks for my way of holding. And i have found some.
I have ordered a few sizes and i hope they will be much more comfortable.
For my followers from the UK i found them at Woolstack for £6.50 each.


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