28 May 2014

Selling Sewing Material

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 11:20 am
I usually don't do that here, but i would to reach as many as possible.

I am selling my stash of sewing and crafting materials on eBay

The reason is a few years ago i was creating custom made skirts and sold them on eBay. Not just because i wanted to support my 3D hobby but also because i like sewing. I still do but my first love is knitting.

Anyway someone saw my skirts on eBay and got in touch with me. He told me that he had a grant from the government for his store and that he would like to sell my skirts. I was excited that someone noticed me. And i said i would be glad to provide his store with my skirts.
He asked me to make around 50 skirts in different sizes. So i went and bought material and i sat almost day and night at the sewing machine to get it ready.

Once i had them all done i emailed him that the skirts are ready for shipping.
Then came the bombshell. He had changed his mind regarding what the shop was going to sell and that my skirts would no longer fit in.
I felt numb, angry and disappointed.
I sat on 50 skirts i tried to shift through eBay. I sold maybe 15. Everyone who bought one was delighted, which cheered me up. But i lost all the confidence and spirit and once that's gone you can not get ideas for new things either.

So this is the story why i finally sell all the stuff.

I have started with lace trims, but there will be also fabric, waist bands and more later on.
It takes time to photograph, measure and prepare the listing for everything.

Thanks in advance if you decide to bid on my items. It is highly appreciated.

I do ship worldwide!!

A few examples here:


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