18 Jun 2023

Baubles in Beads

Posted by Crazy Knitter22 at 3:01 pm

 Because it's too hot to knit now and I wanted a break anyway because of 2 very painful knitters thumbs. Update on those, my right one doesn't hurt at all atm. My left one is still painful but not as bad as it was before. So I hope I can start knitting again when it's cooler again.

I bought these beads to decorate baubles quite some time ago.

I finished the Icicles first. I already completed 3 last year and they had decorated my tree. All together 6 in different lengths.

Then I made 2 of these.

Followed by those red and silver ones. Atm I am making the golden version.
And then I have more planned with the leftover beads.



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